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Getting to know us

Auto Care Rialto is an auto repair, maintenance, and specialty services provider in Brisbane; we also sell tyres and other accessories. We are a leading auto repair shop, and when it comes to caring for your car, you can trust us to help you put our vehicle in great condition.  We have been in the business for a long time, and throughout all these years, the quality of our services has helped us to establish a base of loyal local clientele who have used our services and can vouch for its quality.

At Auto Care Rialto, we work in line with the tradition of quality customer services, so we ensure that every customer who comes to us is satisfied not only with the services for their vehicles but our approach to dealing with them. We are available to fix your car for you anytime you come, and you don’t have to worry about the availability when you come to us. We have enough mechanics and technicians on ground to attend to every car that comes to us daily, and our comprehensive workflow ensures that everything gets done on time so you will never have to wait for too long before getting your car back on the road.

Young woman repairing automobile undercarriage

Our Workflow

Depending on the nature of the services that your car requires, our services generally follow this workflow;

The first thing we do is identify the service we have to perform or the issue that we need to rectify before we get to work. We usually do this alongside the customers so we can know exactly what they want.

Once we have identified the services we have to prefer; the next thing is to provide you with an estimate on the parts and labour. We ensure that we carry the customer along throughout the process, providing you with any additional information and seeking your approval where it is necessary.

The next step is to do the work that needs to be done on your vehicle, whatever it is. We use quality materials and ensure that we follow the quoted estimates while also using quality components to complete your work. Our focus is on giving you quality and doing it on time.

Every aspect of the work we have done on your vehicle is explained to you, so you know exactly where your car stands after our services.

Why choose us

We are committed to delivering your vehicle to you in good condition within the shortest possible time. But we make sure we do not compromise on quality while getting back on the road.

Use our knowledgeable technicians to take care of all your maintenance and repairs needs and ensure that your vehicle lasts much longer.

We are dedicated to providing you with auto services in a convenient manner, and that is what underlies all our service.

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