Gas vehicle servicing

Let's service your LPG powered vehicle.

Are using a car that is powered by liquefied petroleum gas instead of petrol, then you should come to Auto Care Rialto for servicing. Whether you’re servicing the LPG system, repairing it, or you’re planning to install new ones, we can help you with everything. Running a car on LPG is opting for a cleaner energy option, but this cleaner energy requires a fundamentally different set up than the regular ones. We have auto licensed technicians who can install the specialist LPG setup for your vehicle.

If you are also planning to convert your car from the regular petrol it is using to LPG; we can easily get this done for you. Vehicles using LPG instead of petrol are better economically as they consume less fuel, and they also have environmental advantages due to fewer emissions. This is especially good for fleet cars that travel long-distance or operate for a long period.

Beyond helping you install your LPG system, we can also help with the diagnostics, servicing, and repairs. Compared with this is our stock of various LPG parts which means you can get anything you need with us. As long as it is related to LPG, we are your trusted Brisbane auto technicians, and you have nothing to worry about. We can also perform gas inspections for your LPG set up, and if your tank is up to ten years old or more, we can provide Gas Certificates for you.

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Why use our car LPG services

Let us install, service, and repair your car LPG set up for you if you are in Brisbane. We stand out for various reasons and here are some of them;

What gives our clientele the confidence they have in our services is that they know the quality of our technicians, with years of experience with all brands of cars including American, European, Japanese, and locally produced. So, you don't have to worry about our expertise regarding the car you are bringing, we can install, service and repair LPG setup on any and all brands of vehicles and yours will be in good hands too.

When it comes to fees and charges, you have nothing to worry about because every service we offer is at affordable costs. LPG services should not just be expensive to be quality, and we ensure that you get quality at affordable prices.

We install, service, and repair your vehicle LPG setup using the latest equipment to determine the problems with your vehicle so we can easily fix it before it becomes a serious problem. We use the best equipment, and Our workshop has all the facilities both in hardware and software to put your LPG setup in great shape and ensure you have nothing to worry about.

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