Maxi Taxi conversions

Convert your Maxi Taxi

When it comes to vehicle conversions, you can count on us. With a combined experience that covers over a decade, we have been able to handle several mobility conversions as well as maxi taxi conversions. Whether you are using the car for the private or public sector, we can help you with maxi taxi conversion to suit a specific requirement and serve a specific purpose.

Our maxi taxi conversions are all about giving you bespoke services that meet your precise needs, and this is what you will get with us. Whether you have an idea of what you want in mind already or you just know you need a maxi taxi conversion without the nitty-gritty of what you want, you can come to us to guide you through, and we will handle the conversion for you in the most efficient manner.

We have worked with taxi owners for several years, so we know what will work best for your vehicle and the conversions necessary to help you maintain your edge in the very competitive market. If you want, you can get a turnkey solution where we handle all the aspects of the conversion, and yours is just to come in and pick the maxi taxi ready for you.

We also have an extensive range of spare parts that are suitable for maxi taxis such as tyres, lights, seats, axles, gearboxes, motors, etc. you will get all the things you need to transform your maxi taxis.


Why Use Our Services

Our specialty services are designed to offer unique solutions to problems facing vehicle owners, and it stands out for many reasons which include

Our technicians have been providing specialty services for a long time, and they are specialists who know exactly what to do with your vehicle. Every solution is engineered to meet your needs, and your Maxi Taxi conversion will be just perfect for you.

You don't need to pay through your nose to get the solution to your problems. Our services are based on affordability and accessibility so you can trust that you will be charged at a competitive rate.

It is not only the quality of our services that is top-notch, but the quality of our material used is also excellent. This is because we know how dependent quality service is dependent on using quality products. We source for products from the top manufacturers in the market, and we offer a warranty on our services to ensure that any problem arising due to workmanship will be handled by us.

We have the technical capacity to handle any kind of project, be it large scale or small scale. Whether it is a family vehicle, a specialised vehicle belonging to a community, or a fleet of vehicles used for commercial operations, you can count on us to provide quality services all through.

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