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Tyres & Parts

Find durable tyres and quality parts.

If you are looking for spare parts for your vehicle, there is no better place to come to than us. We stock original, authentic, and car manufacturer produced and approved car parts. You will find all mechanical parts for your vehicle with us, including tyres and we can help you to install these parts on your vehicle immediately, saving you all the stress. Since we are supplied directly by the manufacturers, every spare part or tyre that we sell comes with a warranty.

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We have high-quality puncture-free tyres available for you to buy. When we say puncture-free tyres, we actually mean tyres that cannot be penetrated by any sharp objects. These are tyres that have been tested with over a hundred screws and nails. The tyres have a unique lining that will prevent deflation and help to keep the tyre at the right temperature. These tyres are not puncture-free for nothing as there is a warranty on them. In cases where they are punctured on the face up to a diameter of 6mm, a warranty will cover them. With this type of tyres, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and once you buy it, you can be sure it will last for a long, long time. It is this durability and cost-effectiveness that makes it a better choice than all the run-flat and mid-range tyres.

We have tyres of all sizes that will fit everything from a sedan to a truck so you can walk into our workshop and get the exact tyre you need. There are tyres from all the major brands in the world, and our team is on the ground to guide you in your tyre quest. So, if you don’t know which tyre you are looking for, you can just come to us. Our staff will advise on the most suitable tyre for you based on your driving conditions and the vehicle you are driving.

Vehicle spare parts are one of our fortes, we scout for the best spare parts in the market and stock them so that our clients can easily get what they need to fix their car. Finding the right spare parts is a headache every car owner faces when the parts that come with the car spoil and need to be replaced. Many technicians even claim to be using the right spare part only for you to discover they are not. By stocking original replacement parts, we have created a solution to your problem. You can get any part from us and be confident that you actually got the right part.

Are you wondering how you will know this to be true? The warranty on all our replacement parts is directly from the manufacturer, and many of the products in our stock bear the mark of quality unique to the manufacturer.

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